Error Code 1a01 For Time Warner Cable Box

"code ia09?~on my time warner cable box it keep giving me, Ia09 code on a twc cable box, how can get it fixed? i have a digital box/dvr cisco box from time warner cable and i had to unplug it because i bought a new. What is a time warner cable box error code ia01 ? - i just, My cable box says ia01 what does that mean. my tv says check power cable cable source etc after tripped over ps cable. all devices are plugged and work? tried hdmi1. How to reset a time warner cable box | ehow, There may be times when your time warner cable box freezes up or stops responding correctly. though these cable boxes work well most of the time, there is bound to be. - is time warner cable down right now?, We have tried pinging time warner cable website using our server and the website returned the above results. if is down for us too there is.

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