Facetime App For Samsung Galaxy

Does the samsung galaxy s3 have facetime - answers.com, Can you get facetime on samsung galaxy s3? facetime is owned by apple so there is no way you will ever get it on your samsung specially. does the samsung galaxy s3. Does the samsung galaxy s3 have like a facetime app?, I have a iphone 4s, and i can swap for a s3, biggest thing im wanting is a facetime app, so like any. How does facetime work on samsung galaxy s3? - when doing, Facetime is an app only for apple. however, on galaxy s3 and other android based phones, you can download other apps. apps such as skype. sk read more. Can you get facetime on samsung galaxy s3 - the q&a wiki, Does the samsung galaxy s3 have facetime? no.facetime is an apple developed programme. it is a video and voip programme - apple do not make their software compatable.

Can you do facetime with the samsung galaxy tab ? | chacha, Can you do facetime with the samsung galaxy tab? chacha answer: they use an android app called tango, which is very similar to faceti. On t mobiles samsung galaxy s phone can you facetime - ask, You cannot use facetime on your samsung galaxy s phone. this is because, facetime is an application that is specifically designed for apple iphones mobile phone.. Video calling app like facetime for s4? - android forums, All, still getting used to the s4 but loving this phone. does anyone know of a app i can use that is similar to facetime on the iphone? preferably one.

Facetime video chat app review - laptop mag, Set up. because the ipad 2 and ipod touch don't have phone numbers, facetime works differently on them than on the iphone 4. on those devices, facetime is a. Can i download facetime on my samsung tablet? - i would, "facetime is an apple ios only app and not supported on the android platform yet". Facetime for android - download app not only to iphone, Unfortunately, as of today, there is no hack to use facetime for android devices such as the samsung galaxy, google nexus, htc one, moto x, or samsung galaxy note..