Galaxy 3 Wont Send Text Messages

My samsung galaxy s wont send sms/text messages. i have, My samsung galaxy s won't send sms/text messages. i have shut on and off, tried a new phone to check it's not my carrier to no avail.. My galaxy s3 wont download mms text? - mms messages will, Mms messages will not send on my samsung galaxy s3 my samsung smart phone on optus wont let me receive mms messages. it simply says download, when i click it it. Galaxy s ii - my phone won't let me send sms but it lets, My samsung galaxy s2 (t-mobile) won't let me send text messages i can receive them but i can't respond back. also, i can send mms but not sms.. My samsung galaxy note wont send text messages. it can, My samsung galaxy note wont send text messages. it can receive texts and calls though. i have tried doing the one posted on your website but it still didn't work need.

Some text messages won't send - android forums at, If you need to keep that many texts, i might suggest using some sort of cloud or sd card based storage system. i'm not sure if there are ways to store text messages. Samsung galaxy s - can't send text messages, I can receivejust can't send text messages. how do i fix this? thanks. My galaxy s2 wont let me send picture messages, it just, Samsung galaxy s2 wont send picture messages. my unblocked htcradar wont send/receive mms. i turned off my wifi& turned on my internet connection. i keep tapping the.

Samsung galaxy s3: how to send a text or mms messages, How to send sms or mms messages? as written on, all you need to do is following the easy steps below in order to send a messages using your phone:. Send or receive a text - samsung galaxy s® iii 16gb, Hi, i am in plano, tx and have had no issues with service at this location. i was able to send two texts o. Samsung galaxy s3 text messages problems | best samsung galaxy, galaxy s3 text messages disappear now, no best answers, but reset phone. galaxy s3 text messages out of order have you tried rebooting.