Galaxy S4 Stuck On Airplane Mode

Enable/disable airplane mode on your samsung galaxy s4, Steps to enable or disable airplane mode on your samsung galaxy s4. airplane mode disables your device's ability to send or receive any type of wireless transmission.. How to turn airplane mode on and off on my samsung galaxy s4, "flight mode" turns off the phone's wireless signals for safe use in airplanes and other areas where radio transmitters aren't allowed.. Smart phones tips and tricks: samsung galaxy s4 tips and, All samsung galaxy s4 features and hidden functions explained. tips and tricks to help you fully customize your smartphone.. Plan├Ęte galaxy - android apps on google play, All you can eat news on the upcoming samsung galaxy s5. the s5 is the replacement device for the samsung galaxy s4. keep updated on all the s5 news with.

My samsung galaxy s is stuck on silent mode for ringtone, My samsung galaxy s is stuck on silent mode and only option is to click silentthoughts?. Galaxy s4 mini archive - custom roms, tips and tricks, A blog dedicated to samsung galaxy s4 mini providing cool apps, custom roms, tips and tricks.. Samsung keyboard on note 2 gets "stuck" in handwriting mode, Like others i found this thread through a quick search. owned a note 3 for a week and the problem was buging me, 1st time it happened i could only think to hard reset.

Battery drains on airplane mode! - android forums at, For the op, airplane mode only affects the radios, and does nothing about running programs, background processes, or anything else. looking at your screen shots, you. How to enable t-mobile hspa+ aws bands on at&t galaxy s4, Want to stay updated on latest galaxy s4 root news? sign up for our galaxy s4 root newsletter here so you get rom of the week and more!. How to restart into recovery or download mode right from, How to restart into recovery or download mode right from your samsung galaxy s4's reboot menu. rooting your samsung galaxy s4 has many advantages; theming, free.