How Do I Change My Timeline Photo On Facebook From My Ipad

How can i change back from facebook timeline view to wall, 19 dec 2011 | | i changed the wall view of my facebook account to the timeline view. i would like to change it back to the wall view. is there anything that i can do. How do you change a photo to 399 pixels wide to fit as a, Hi! plz help ;with steps to keep my "like" on the same photo on facebook page from album to change as a cover photo, profile profile photo e? how do i pic a photo. Can i put clipart in my facebook status - how do i put, Youtube video to put clipart in facebook status. i want to upload background image on twitter, this message appears "there was a problem uploading your background. How do i delete pages on facebook - ask about tech, “is there a way i can delete pages i’ve created on facebook?” here’s how to delete facebook pages: 1. log into your facebook account. 2. head over to the page.

How to create a facebook timeline cover photo | copyblogger, Detailed measurements: official facebook cover photo size: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall; official minimum image dimension: 720 pixels wide. Uploading photos & profile pictures | facebook help center, To add and post photos to facebook: click add photos/video at the top of your news feed. select an option:. Add a profile picture & cover photo | facebook help center, Your profile picture helps people recognize you on facebook. to add a profile picture or change your current profile picture: go to your profile and hover over your.

The facebook blog | facebook, The following is part of our series, facebook tips, which answers some of the most commonly asked questions about using facebook. while we hope these tips are. How can i stop my mother-in-law from sharing my facebook, 04 jul 2012 | mac | safari 5.1. my mother in law keeps “sharing” my pictures i post on facebook to her wall. how do i stop this? browse other questions & answers. How do i spot a fake facebook profile? try this little trick, There are a lot of fake facebook profiles out there. 83 million facebook accounts are fake. here is s a little tip for identifying a fake facebook profile.