I Am Unable To Receive Text Messaging On My Samsung Galaxy S4

Why when i receive a picture on text message does my, Why when i receive a picture on text message does my samsung galaxy young phone just keep saying `downloading` i am unable to view the picture?. I changed my sim card in iphone n now i am unable to send, My dodo sim card wont send text messages. send text messages via my voice (including phone number and message) on my samsunf galaxy ace 11 x? we are currently unable. Unable to receive text messages - android, Android cant receive texts, android phone won't receive text messages, android won't receive texts, android won't receive texts from iphone, droid unable to receive. Can't send or receive text messages - iphone 4 to samsung, Did you go to apple's support site and unregister your phone number from imessage? that's what i did and i was able to get my text messages..

Cannot receive text messages - android forums at, I am having this same problem. i can use wifi, data for internet usage, send and receive calls, and send text messages, but not receive any text messages..