Lgl45c Tracfone Update Firmware

How do i do a hard reset on my lgl45c? - went to reboot my, Lgl45c factory reset. i forgot my gmail to factory reset you need to prees the volume button and power button but the volume button doesnt work so how do you reset it?. Rooting lg optimus net (lgl45c) - android forums, Just use unlockroot.exe from xxx unlockroot com, i rooted my net10 lg optimus net lgl45c within 5 minutes and didn't have to do anything special as described above.. How do hard reset a lg l45c tracfone? - can`t get on my, Lg smartphone tracphone how to factory reset. my power button doesnt work on factory reset i cant click on either of the options to reset my phone the volume buttons. Csmg.lgmobile.com:9002, 237 lgms770 ms77010g_04 mtp north america us/united states qct cdma http://tool.xcdn.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?filekey=st109872636432126364321.