My Samsung Tablet Wont Shut Off

Why wont my tab charge? - samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 - ifixit, The red 'x' always appears when i charge my samsung tablet 2 7.0 whenever it's on. it's really ticking me off because it's not charging while it's on.. My samsung galaxy tablet keeps ringing and won`t stop, My samsung galaxy tab keeps ringing shortly after i turn it off and turn it back on. Why won't my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 turn on, While i was using facebook on my samsung galaxy tab 2 (10.1) the device suddenly hung, and i couldn't do anything to get it back so i switched it off first. Why won't my samsung galaxy tab turn on despite having, My samsung galaxy tab will not come back after it shut off during a game of scramble with friends. it started lagging and then shut off. now it will not co.

My samsung phone shut off and won`t turn back on. - i was, My samsung phone suddenly shut down and wont come on plugged up to the charger. i just got a samsung s2 and used it for 2 hours then phone shut down,battery life. Why won't my galaxy tab charge through my computer, I keep trying to charge my galaxy tab through my computer because connecting it to an outlet means i can't use it while it's charging since the cord. My samsung galaxy s wont send sms/text messages. i have shut, My samsung galaxy s won't send sms/text messages. i have shut on and off, tried a new phone to check it's not my carrier to no avail..

Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 won't charge - page 3 - android, Ok so i got a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 for chrismas and aftear 2 months i tried to charge it and itchowed an x on the battery so i found ouat athat. My samsung galaxy tablet wont power on. - justanswer, My samsung galaxy tablet won't power on. i tried charging it with no luck. it's just dead and only a few months old. anything i can do? i also tried plugging it into. Samsung galaxy tab 2 (10.1) won't shut down after the, Hi. i hope this is the correct forum. my samsung galaxy tab 2 (10.1) won't shut down after the latest firmware update. i believe i had 4.2.1 and now i have 4.2.2..