Problems Receiving Texts From Galaxy S4

At&t galaxy s4 - problems receiving pictures through text, When someone tries to send me a picture through text messaging, sometimes i get a completely grey square with a orange triangle with an exclamation. Not receiving texts from certain people (verizon galaxy s4, Hi there, i picked up a brand new galaxy s4 from verizon on june 15th, and from day 1 everything seemed to be working great. i was texting people with. Samsung galaxy s4 problems | naldotech, The samsung galaxy s4 may be a good phone, but it also has its problems. some galaxy s4 users have reported some major problems with their phones.. Text notification problem in samsung galaxy s4 – the, A new message was sent to us recently via the droid guy mailbag, which reads, “i have a minor problem with text notification in my samsung galaxy s4..

Samsung galaxy s - problems receiving picture messages, Take a look a this, it may help with your issue. ps: if you. Samsung galaxy s - problems with sending & receiving mms, Author: topic: problems with sending & receiving mms messages. (read 142837 times). My s4 will not receive iphone texts -, Galaxy s4 not receiving text from iphone, galaxy s4 not receiving texts, galaxy s4 not receiving texts from iphone, not getting text messages on galaxy s4.

How to text & call favorite contacts from within any app, Five things you might not know about the samsung galaxy s4 five things you might not know about the samsung galaxy s4 the samsung galaxy. Samsung galaxy s4 android 4.4.2 problems and fixes, Galaxy s4 android 4.4.2 battery life is good for me, but not for everyone.. How to solve samsung galaxy s4 touch screen problem, Fix of samsung galaxy s4 touch screen problem. samsung galaxy s4 is relatively new in the market, but still there are a good number of complaints regarding to galaxy.