Problems With Galaxy S4 Receiving Text Messages From Iphone

Can't send or receive text messages - iphone 4 to samsung, Did you go to apple's support site and unregister your phone number from imessage? that's what i did and i was able to get my text messages.. Why can't i receive texts from iphone users on my samsung, Fixed: here was my issue. i have a galaxy 4, wife has an iphone 4s. all of a sudden i stopped getting her texts. she could still get mine. apparently sometime in. How to: transfer your iphone contacts, messages, apps and, How to: transfer your iphone contacts, messages, apps and other data to the samsung galaxy s4 one of the tough things about switching to a new phone is. How to get flash alerts when receiving calls & text, How to customize led alerts for specific notifications on your samsung galaxy note 2 (no root required) how to customize led alerts for.

Solutions to the common samsung galaxy s4 problems, Although the galaxy s4 has got into the public’s good graces since released, some common problems are also accompanied according to the complaints from the s4 owners.. Not receiving text messages from groups - samsung galaxy, I recently switched from an iphone to the galaxy s4. my family members all still have iphones and we all liked to group chat. when i send out a group message, they. How to solve samsung galaxy s4 touch screen problem, Fix of samsung galaxy s4 touch screen problem. samsung galaxy s4 is relatively new in the market, but still there are a good number of complaints regarding to galaxy.

Samsung galaxy s4 problems - naldotech | latest news and, The samsung galaxy s4 may be a good phone, but it also has its problems. some galaxy s4 users have reported some major problems with their phones. some of them. Samsung galaxy s2 won`t receive text messages? - why can`t, Cannot receive text messages on samsung galaxy note 2. i can make/receive phone calls on my samsung galaxy 3s, and can send text messages, but not receive messages.. Can you change your text message background on samsung, How do you set a background picture in a conversation with the galaxy s4 go sms pro.