What Do Symbols Mean On Samsung Galaxy 3

What does the h symbol on samsung galaxy s mean ? - there, What does the h mean on top of screen,also red and green arrow. its changes for h to 3g but mostly on the h. its not in the manual. please help?. What do symbols on my samsung phone mean - when i text, When i text from my samsung galaxy s4 to a samsung intensity it comes up in characters not letters why. Samsung galaxy s - what does the h icon mean ? - vodafone, When my samsung galaxy shows h icon, i could not make any out calls at all. if h means highest connection why this happens? two alternative solution i found are:. Your guide to iphone symbols : what do they mean, Help “what does this iphone symbol mean” is a question we hear a lot at macworld. while the iphone and ios are as easy to use as possible, the iphone.