What Do Symbols On Samsung Galaxy S3 Mean

What does the symbol x mean by my text messages on my, My samsung galaxy ace will not accept incoming text messages, it keeps saying message memory full, i have cleared my phone, deleted all my messages?. What does the h symbol on samsung galaxy s mean ? - there, What does the h mean on top of screen,also red and green arrow. its changes for h to 3g but mostly on the h. its not in the manual. please help?. What do the symbols mean?!? - android forums, I read the manual, i searched (i will say my search skillz are not that great)still no answers. so my question is what do the sylmbols on the top. Free unlock for samsung galaxy s3 and galaxy note 2 : android, Confirmed to work on gsm-only s3/note 2 variants. just dial the following keys *#197328640# main menu > [1] umts > [1] debug screen > [8] phone control.