Why Cant I Send Group Messages On My Samsun S3

Why wont my samsung galaxy call or send message - im, My samsung phone wont send messages but the internet works. i done factory data reset without taking backupand my phone memory contacts totally deleted how can i. Why can't i receive texts from iphone users on my samsung, I *think* another solution if the person with the galaxy has any other ios device, and how they have imessages set up. my brother switched to an s3, and when i tried. Samsung galaxy s3: how to send text messages to contact group, Hi xoxoyamilexoxo, thanks for coming. unfortunately, one of the flaws inside samsung galaxy s3 is the ability to receive a reply from the group text.. My galaxy s3 wont download mms text? - mms messages will, Mms messages will not send on my samsung galaxy s3 my samsung smart phone on optus wont let me receive mms messages. it simply says download, when i click it it.

Why can't i send pictures via text? - android forums at, I searched the forum and did find a possible answer to this (there are size limits as to what you can send via text). however, when i try to send a. Samsung galaxy s3: how to send a text or mms messages, Although the samsung galaxy s3 comes with a bunch of useful features and advantages, of course you will also use this phone's basic capability to make a call or send. Why google hangouts is the best group messaging app, Google hangouts' presence and read confirmations make it the best group messaging app available today. heading to las vegas earlier this month for ces 2014, the.

How to read facebook messages on a samsung galaxy s3, What makes privy chat useful. so, if you receive a notification for a new facebook message on your gs3, but aren't sure if you want to respond just yet.. Samsung galaxy s3 - insane data usage. - samsung - android, Hi, my sons s3 has started going crazy with data usage, nearly 4gig in 2 weeks, it shows connections of 36hours on the online bill, my son basically hasn't been out. Samsung galaxy s3: how to block unwanted text messages, Hi there, i don't have spam message settings option on my samsung galaxy s3. fyi , i 'm running on android 4.04. appreciate your help. thank you.