Why Wont My Samsung Galaxy Open Pics From Texts

Why wont my phone download picture messages samsung - why, Samsung phone wont download messages with pictures. my htc wont let me send/recieve messages. it wont let me access some of the apps on the home screen. it says. Why can't i receive texts from iphone users on my samsung, Fixed: here was my issue. i have a galaxy 4, wife has an iphone 4s. all of a sudden i stopped getting her texts. she could still get mine. apparently sometime in. Why wont my droid open picture text messages - on my, Pictures wont open on phone. what does it mean when i called a phone number and i get the following message "the person you are calling is not taking any phone call. Why won't my phone allow me to send a video through text, So wait, i want to see this. take a video in full resolution on an iphone and send it to me through sms /mms. pm me for my phone number if you like..

Why i love my samsung galaxy nexus phone & the must-have, I recently traded in my droid x for the brand new galaxy nexus. so did my hubby. there are so many more pro’s than con’s to this phone. both hubby and i. My iphone won't send photos in text messages | ricky says, This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.. My samsung galaxy s3 exploded last night while i was, This is my first time posting so cut me some slack! also not sure if this is the best place to post this. last night at about 3:15am est (about 1 hour.

Why samsung home application has stopped unexpectedly, Why is my tab keep on saying application samsung home has stopped? my tab keeps saying "the application samsung home (process. Why the samsung galaxy s4 micro sd card is useless, The samsung galaxy s4 is a great smartphone, but after a week i only have 3.5gb of storage left and dumbed down micro sd card support on android highlights.