Why Wont My Samsung Galaxy Open Pics From Texts

Why wont my samsung galaxy s4 not download pictures and, There are a lot of issues such as this, they can`t receive or download pictures sent to them via sms, if you are experiencing this kind of i read more. Why wont my phone download picture messages samsung - why, Samsung phone wont download messages with pictures. my htc wont let me send/recieve messages. it wont let me access some of the apps on the home screen. it says. Why can't i receive texts from iphone users on my samsung, I *think* another solution if the person with the galaxy has any other ios device, and how they have imessages set up. my brother switched to an s3, and when i tried. Why won't my phone allow me to send a video through text, So wait, i want to see this. take a video in full resolution on an iphone and send it to me through sms /mms. pm me for my phone number if you like..

How to (and why to) unlock the samsung galaxy s4 | android, Get your samsung galaxy s4 unlocked to use it on other carriers! you may have heard about this thing called “unlocking” your phone. for the tech-savvy, this is. Why i'm returning my microsoft surface rt - brent ozar, Yesterday was supposed to be a fun shopping day, just erika and i out looking at furniture and clothes before my trip out to devconnections and the pass summit..