Why Wont My Samsung Galaxy S4 Download Pictures Sent In Text Message

Why wont my phone download picture messages samsung - why, Samsung phone wont download messages with pictures. my htc wont let me send/recieve messages. it wont let me access some of the apps on the home screen. it says. Why won t my galaxy s send a picture text - why won t my, Why won t my samsung galaxy s4 send a video message it says must send in email or using wifi. Why won't my galaxy tab charge through my computer? - page, Hallo bro. before i updated my tab 7 to android version 4.1.2 i able to used the tablet at my laptop while charging. the purpose i connect the tablet to the. Why can't i receive texts from iphone users on my samsung, Fixed: here was my issue. i have a galaxy 4, wife has an iphone 4s. all of a sudden i stopped getting her texts. she could still get mine. apparently sometime in.

Samsung galaxy s4 review | android central, Samsung. samsung's new processors are more processor than you can handle. Solutions to the common samsung galaxy s4 problems, Nothing is perfect. so does the samsung galaxy s4. although the galaxy s4 has got into the public’s good graces since released, some common problems are also. Samsung galaxy s4: how to block unwanted or unknown text, How to add or remove a contact in the spam number list? if you wish to block or unblock text message from certain contact, you can do so by following the step below:.

Samsung galaxy s4 problems | naldotech, Overheating there have been reports that some galaxy s4′s were getting very hot 46°c (115°f) not only when playing games, but even when the phone was idle (screen. Inside galaxy: samsung galaxy s4: how to change bubble and, Samsung galaxy s4: how to change bubble and background style in messaging app. How to get lock screen widgets on the samsung galaxy s4, Related samsung galaxy s4 articles. galaxy s4 software update brings kids mode and knox 2.0; samsung testing android 4.4.3 on galaxy s5 and galaxy s4, outlines 4.4.2.