Why Wont My Samsung S3 Recive Emails

Why wont my phone download picture messages samsung - i am, I am unable to receive photos emailed to me on my galaxy y phone my phone indicates downloading but nothing happens can anybody help. My galaxy s3 wont download mms text? - mms messages will, Mms messages will not send on my samsung galaxy s3 my samsung smart phone on optus wont let me receive mms messages. it simply says download, when i click it it. Why wont my phone download picture messages? - android forums, View poll results: why wont my phone download picture messages? excessive downloding 0: 0%: mms server crashed 0: 0%: multiple choice poll.. Samsung galaxy s3 - my download notifications won't clear, Hi all, i got an upgrade to my samsung s3 device last night and since then the download arrows that pop up at the top of the phone when something has.

How to hard reset samsung galaxy s3? - jayceooi.com, Hey there…i been looking all over the net for this issue , i got my s3 about 2 weeks back…yes i did install apps like the regular ones intagram skype n stuff like.