Why Wont My Samsung S3 Recive Emails

Why wont my phone download picture messages samsung - i am, Samsung phone wont download messages with pictures. my htc wont let me send/recieve messages. it wont let me access some of the apps on the home screen. it says. My galaxy s3 wont download mms text? - mms messages will, Samsung galaxy s3 wont download picture text stright talk phone. i have a tmobile samsung galaxy 2 on the straight talk plan it will not let me download or send. My s3 wont charge at all?! - android forums at, Hey guys, after a long saturday night, i forgot to charge my phone before i slept. when i woke up this morning, i saw that the battery was dead so i plugged my phone. Why wont my phone download picture messages? - android forums, View poll results: why wont my phone download picture messages? excessive downloding 0: 0%: mms server crashed 0: 0%: multiple choice poll..

Samsung s3 wont turn on/load past samsung logo screen, Last night/this morning my phone ran out of battery, i charged it, turned it on and it will not load past the samsung logo screen with the blue led.